Business Segments

Business Segments

SIX Financial Information is an award winning provider of data services and solutions serving the finance and insurance industry, non-financials and the media.

Financial professionals around the world collaborate with SIX for timely and accurate support for asset servicing, pricing, wealth management, risk management and compliancy activities.


Asset Servicing

Global awards recognise the high standards and business value of SIX’s support for asset servicing activities.

Pricing and Fund Evaluation

Access to the most accurate market inputs and a suite of proprietary reference data information delivers clear benefits for SIX’s global customer base of professional fund managers.

Analysis and Screening

Wealth and asset managers benefit from SIX Financial Information’s comprehensive view of the global market place featuring real time prices, charts and a selection of proprietary financial analyses.

Risk and Compliance

SIX Financial Information supports financial institutions to become stronger and more systematic in their management of risk and compliancy requirements.

Wealth Management

Wealth managers benefit from SIX Financial Information’s comprehensive view on global markets, judicious selection of proprietary content and support for terminal display and mobile technologies.


SIX Financial Information provides data services to global names in the financial media and to selected strategic partners sharing a vision to offer first rate market information.