In an ever tightening regulatory environment risk and compliancy data is assuming a new and elevated status. SIX Financial Information provides you with the information required to adhere to latest EU and International Financial Services Regulations.

End investors value transparency concerning risks, costs and the earning potential of their investments. Strengthening regulations now extend to taxation, the application of official sanction lists for politically exposed persons (PEP), anti-money laundering requirements and international terror prevention.
Our collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet delivers corporate hierarchies and the identitity of ultimate asset owners. Within the funds space, our work with Morningstar provides full transparency of fund holdings. This data enables a detailed estimation of exposure arising from a particular company, industry sector, region or asset category. We have developed specialized tools for providing transparency on specific types of investments including complex equity derivatives and indices.
These and a number of other data partnerships round out our data portfolio in the area of risk and compliance. The data is delivered through our reference data and real time market data delivery services. Customized databases and display environments for risk and compliance applications are available as part of our Solutions offering.

MiFID II - where we are

Accurate, high quality reference, listing, and market data supporting you with Investor Protection, Transparency and Market Data Reporting under MiFID II.

PRIIPs KID Service

We are a full-service provider offering automated generation, distribution, archiving and reporting of KIDs for PRIIPs

Solvency II Data Service

Ensure accuracy, completeness and appropriateness for calculating capital adequacy with our granular cross-asset class reference and pricing data.

AIFMD Data Service

Minimize the effort involved in registering and obtaining an EU passport and ensure your advisors fulfill the legal obligation to protect investors.

BVV 2 Data Service

SIX is now offering a tailor-made data service for managers of pension fund assets. Thanks to this new service, investments can be classified quickly, efficiently and accurately in accordance with the revised Swiss Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2).

Regulatory Document Service

Ensure your clients fully understand financial products, the associated risks, and make it easy to compare alternative investments while meeting legal requirements with our Regulatory Document service.

Basel III

Basel III aims to improve the banking sector’s ability to manage uncertainty in financial and economic stress, improve risk management and governance, and strengthen banks’ transparency and disclosures. The Basel III regulatory implementation period has begun on 1 January 2013 and affects banks worldwide.

TARGET2-Securities (T2S) Settlement Data

The introduction of T2S means radical changes to the settlement operations landscape. To run an efficient back-office, banks need to ensure that their daily automated operations can continue running smoothly. The SIX service helps you overcome migration challenge by flagging securities for T2S eligibility, backed by a comprehensive data universe.