Data Delivery Products

Data Delivery Products

With SIX Financial Information's wide portfolio of data delivery products you will find the correct product that will satisfy your daily business requirements for accurate and timely financial data.

Our data delivery products cover all types of financial data. They can be used as standard products or can be tailored to suit your specific business needs and requirements from snap on demand, continuous data feed, historical pricing, illiquid asset pricing and more.

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Valordata Feed

Valordata Feed (VDF) is a fully structured and encoded financial data feed offering near-real time delivery of reference data.

Market Data Feed

Our versatile Market Data Feed (MDF) is a high performance, real time global market data service and your key source of financial information.


apiD combines the power of SIX Financial Information’s real time financial database with the versatility of a customer-specified application.

Intraday Pricing Service

Intraday Pricing Service combines the power of SIX Financial Information’s world class securities reference database with an award winning delivery system for asset servicing and portfolio valuation.

Bondfloor Pricing Service

SIX Financial Information’s Bondfloor Pricing Service simply and transparently indicates the taxable component of the structured product concerned.

Time Series Daily

Time Series Daily is a versatile service for accessing accurate historical price information spanning almost three decades.

Corporate Actions Reports Service

Prepare for upcoming events affecting your portfolio by using SIX Financial Information’s Corporate Actions Reports Service (CARS).


Global customers turn to SIX Financial Information for this versatile tracking and delivery service for basic reference data, distributions and capital changes.


Finselect is a web-based price service for daily evaluation of selected securities in compliance with the guidelines of the Japanese Pension Fund Association.


Finalim combines the power of a world class securities reference database with an efficient and compliant delivery system for asset servicing and portfolio valuation.


For customers who need only a small number of updates per day we offer the SIX FTP file delivery service.

SIX Netfeed

SIX Netfeed is a real-time service for streaming market data and news.

SIX Charts

SIX Financial Information develops and operates web-services for banks, brokers, media and businesses. We provide charts to quarterly reports, annual reports and other financial presentations.

SIX Indices

SIX Financial Information offers calculation of all types of indices. Knowledge, experience and extensive databases enable SIX Financial Information to adapt indices exactly to customer requirements. We can cater to all types of requests regarding the index configuration.