Evaluated Pricing Service

Evaluated Pricing Service

Pricing thinly traded and illiquid securities requires close attention to observable market inputs and high quality reference data. SIX Financial Information’s rigorous and scalable service can help you value portfolios in their entirety.

Portfolio managers face many challenges when pricing illiquid securities. Regulators and end investors alike demand multiple, and independently sourced, valuations. Valuations must make maximal use of observable market inputs and rely as little as possible on internal estimates or counterparty prices.

SIX’s service is the only global evaluated pricing service using a proprietary methodology that has been independently validated by a major audit firm. It adheres to International Financial Reporting Standards. A unique online platform enables you to query prices rapidly and efficiently.

Being close to the market, SIX’s pricing experts can finely calibrate valuations using the best available market inputs. These procedures are transparent and we provide complete documentation of our pricing models, and of the market data inputs underlying the valuations.

Finally, SIX provides access to third party valuations, providing multiple independent prices from a single platform.