SIX Market Estimates

SIX Market Estimates is a forecast service designed to meet the needs of a wide range of innovative features that help you make better decisions in your work.

With SIX Market Estimates, you get a complete picture of profit forecasts that affect the market:

  • Daily updates of brokerage houses forecasts of about 140 Nordic companies
  • Contributors can see their predictions compared with the market consensus
  • Trend indication showing a very early indication of expected profit development
  • Quick follow-up of report outcomes, compared with forecasts
  • Ranking of consensus compared to contributor’s forecast
    Useful functions

SIX Market Estimates has a number of features that make your work easier. The service includes both yearly forecasts as well as quarterly forecasts.

Two of the most interesting features of SIX Market Estimates are Trend Indication and Contributor's Forecast. With Trend indication, you will see the market's forecasts for the current quarter, which appears a few days after the last annual report. Contributor forecast provides the opportunity for contributors of the service to compare their own earnings projections to consensus on a continual basis, and to rank anomalies.

Examples of other features are:

Aggregated and sectors:

  • Consolidated profit forecasts and P/E ratio for ten different sectors on a Nordic level as well as country level.
  • Aggregate on country-level for earnings forecast and P/E ratio and a total Nordic aggregate.
  • Detailed views: Highest and lowest values, average and median of the main variables per company.
  • Sorting function: In SIX Trend, you can sort by deviation of predicted outcome and own forecasts against consensus.
  • Updated contributors: Easy to follow how many contributors that have adjusted their forecasts up or down since the last report.
  • P/E chart: See P/E chart with historical average and rolling 12 months ahead.
  • Excel link: Link predicted values into Excel and make your own calculations
    Revision Trend: Graph feature that displays the revision trend for the selected variable over time with highest value and lowest value.

Please contact SIX Financial Information's local sales team for more information about our SIX Indices.