Telekurs iD

Telekurs iD

Telekurs iD is your window on market data, business news and a wealth of proprietary financial analysis. SIX's flagship service for monitoring markets and screening potential investments, Telekurs iD is available on mobile platforms or as specialised terminals for wealth managers, securities administrators and asset managers.

Telekurs iD is a display terminal application for accessing global market data, news and a large selection of proprietary financial analysis. Whether you are a wealth manager, securities administrator or work in asset or portfolio management, Telekurs iD streamlines and organizes financial information and supports your efforts to monitor and analyze markets and to screen potential investments.

Bundled proprietary financial analysis from specialist providers such as Factset, Morningstar and global and specialised local news agencies complete our content offering. Content is delivered in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian.

Telekurs iD´s browser-based and mobile applications provide secure access to financial content. Content can also be streamed into Microsoft Excel using our unique FinXL technology.

Telekurs iD is offered with extremely high standards of support for both technical and content queries. Contact us to learn about the specific Telekurs iD package that would best meet your analysis and portfolio screening needs.

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