Display Solutions

Display Solutions

Our display solutions provide a powerful innovation framework for deploying customized financial displays.

Our display solutions provide a powerful innovation framework for delivering mid- to high-performance broadcast services for market data, charts and other customized visualizations. Working in close collaboration with technical and end user stakeholders, we develop modular Java and XML-based applications for white label internet, intranet and mobile platforms.

At the core of our solution offering is a real-time database of financial information. We have developed this database for flexible integration into client-side information infrastructure and to accommodate exchange data as well as proprietary content. A powerful data model ensures consistency, accuracy and timely data delivery.

White label applications are delivered in strict adherence with your corporate identity and design guidelines. Our display solutions are supported by a global network of first, second and third (development) level experts based throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

Tquote - The innovative solution for financial advisors

Tquote is a revolutionary work tool designed specifically for financial advisors and consultants. Tquote combines the standard functions of a real-time stock market terminal with those of a securities and portfolio analysis system in the shape of the dedicated analytical section, Tadvisory. Currently, Tquote is available only in Italy.