VDF Event Diary - Your Corporate Actions Solution

Stay ahead and in control of your corporate actions, while reducing operational risks and costs, through our web-based event diary solution.

As an asset servicing manager, you work in a highly pressurized environment with time-critical information. You must respond promptly and effectively to an ever increasing volume of complex events in a domain that is not fully digitized and void of processing standards.

VDF Event Diary

The VDF Event Diary gives you full-control of your portfolio and enables you to efficiently navigate through the entire corporate actions lifecycle freeing up time to focus on what really matters. The personalized workspace enables custodians and asset servicing managers to access individual portfolio relevant data, view upcoming deadlines and control multiple data sources with a single click of the mouse. As a result, asset servicing teams are more agile and effective in tracking, analyzing and responding to events.

Key Benefits

Be in control of your corporate actions information, costs and resources.

Know what corporate actions are coming up - never miss an event deadline.

Profit from an out-of-the box, web-based, semi-automated corporate actions processing system.

Save time while reducing errors and operational risks with an interactive digital corporate actions diary.

Key Features

Regain control of your corporate actions lifecycle