VDF Event Diary

VDF Event Diary

As a corporate actions manager, you work with time-critical information and must be able to respond promptly and effectively to events. The VDF Event Diary helps you remain one step ahead through a fully web-enabled and customizable corporate actions tracking system. Stay on top of the latest events and remain in full control of your VDF data.


  • Advanced search and filtering of events
  • Watchlists: save your search and filter settings in transparent watchlists for frequent use.   
  • Customizable results view in watchlists via easy drag-and-drop, so a user sees exactly what they need and none of the distractions.
  • Highlighting of mutations in event / corporate action reports.
  • Assign customizable status flags to event reports or enter comments.
  • View and track status flags and comments from other user with the Audit Trail function.
  • Available in ASP mode

Key Benefits:

  • Watchlists allow analysts to quickly access the events under their responsibility. Manual processing time is thus reduced.
  • Mutation highlighting permits quick and reliable identification of mutations and thus reduces errors.
  • Status flagging and commenting features allow users to better exchange information along the entire event workflow and across the involved teams and even departments.