PRIIPs KID Distribution

Expand your retail network and streamline your distribution infrastructure by using a centralized platform to upload your regulatory documents to, ready for quick and easy retrieval by distributors.

Distribute your regulatory documents with SIX for easy, convenient compliance

Ensuring buy-side institutions can access pre-sale documents in a timely and efficient fashion is a complex challenge for the sell-side. To support the industry, SIX has developed it's platform to allow product manufacturers to upload PRIIP KIDs and other pre-sale documents to the SIX document hub, making it easy for buy-side users to find and retrieve documents from a single source.


Expand your retail network for free

Upload your documents for free to our document hub and benefit from the network effects of a centralized distribution platform that has been designed to become an industry-wide solution.





Profit from economies of scale

By distributing via SIX's document hub, you eliminate the need for custom interfaces and processes for each client. Instead, you can upload documents and use a simple entitlement system to specify which distributors can access which documents.





Simple uploading to SIX

Either PDFs or links can be submitted together with the corresponding meta data (ISIN, language, jurisdiction etc.) to SIX. The provision of additional content data is optional, already preparing today for a MiFID II world. In the case of links, the latest document is always downloaded before distribution to ensure the latest version is provided.

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