Search less and do more with SIX iD 9.1

SIX iD 9.1 Release Information: available
7 December 2015

SIX iD 9.1 brings you a smoother search experience. Enhanced search functionalities make it easier to narrow your results efficiently, cutting down on your research time.

Scroll down for a guided video tutorial showing the enhanced capabilities, as well as step by step guides based on the latest release. You can also download the release information in PDF.




New combined search window




Search for quotes, instruments, companies and news, categorized all in one place

  1. Start typing your search into the Lookup field.
  2. View your results by either:
    - hitting ctrl+enter
    - clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the right of the Lookup field
    - selecting “All” at the end of the Lookup menu
    - clicking the ‘+’ icon to the right of the Lookup field and selecting ‘Search’
  3. The search will list all available results, separated by category divider (e.g. Instruments, Companies) in the default (all) tab



Specific search with filtering parameters

  1. Select the tab of your choice (e.g. Quotes, Instruments)
  2. Use the dropdown parameters to define your filtering criteria
  3. Hover over your results and click on the information you want to load.



Trading Symbol Lookup [$]

Add the dollar character [$] before typing the trading symbol.

For example:
$A will return Agilent Tech
$AA will return Alcoa
$AAP will return Advance Auto Parts
$AAPL will return Apple

The search is not limited to one result, since trading symbols are not unique (see the example of “$C”, which results in Citigroup Inc. as well as Cacao).






Identifiers Lookup

Valor and ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) are always considered in iD Lookup, regardless of your setting To lookup for a security by another NSIN (National Securities Identifying Number):

  1. To search using a different identifier,First, configure your NSIN search settings in the iD Menu:
    iD Menu > Settings > Search / VDB (second tab) > NSIN/ISIN 

  2. After saving your settings, begin typing the identifier into the iD lookup. Results will start to show after five characters have been entered. 

Please note:

  • NSINs only cover a percentage of our entire universe, thus not all instruments
  • Lookup for a NSIN might also match instruments with the same number as Valor
  • The following NSINs are valid: AT, BE, DE, FR, GB, U*, US, XS



Lookup on a specific market [,]

  1. Type at least three characters of the security’s name. Or type its trading symbol or identifier
  2. Add a comma [,]
  3. Finish the search with the numerical or alphanumerical code of the market. e.g. 4 or SWX respectively.

For example:
ABB,53 or ABB,STO will return ABB on Nasdaq Stockholm.
app,67 or app,NMS will return various securities with 'app' in the name or symbol, but only on NASDAQ.



Lookup for related options and futures

When you type a complete valor number into the iD Lookup, it will directly identify related derivative instruments and list in the lookup results.

In the example to the left, the results also include options and futures based on ABB Ltd. This works for any asset class providing there are derivatives based on the given valor.



Regional patterns

Set your preferred region in the iD settings to prioritize results that are more relevant to your markets.

For example: Swiss or international users searching “NOV” are more likely to be looking for Novartis Ltd. shares. Whereas results for Novo Nordisk would be more relevant for Scandinavian users .