Russian Sanctions Lists

Mitigate risks and ensure international imposed sanctions against Russia are met.

Complying with the capital market sanctions imposed on Russia represents a challenge for financial institutions, especially with respect to confirming the eligibility of derivatives and structured products.

Although the companies subject to sanctions have been identified by name by regulators, their subsidiaries and other holdings in which they have an interest of more than 50% can easily remain undetected. This can cause a lot of financial and reputational damage to investors that continue to hold instruments in these sanctioned firms.

Our Russian Sanctions List Service

We currently provide lists containing the following information:

  • Affected issuers and their master data.
  • All directly affected issued instruments from sanctioned companies. 
  • Options and underlying instruments of sanctions firms that were issued after 16 July 2015 or 1 August respectively. 
  • Structured products and their underlying instruments of sanctioned companies that were issued after 1 August 2014.

The service is in accordance with:

  • EU directive 833/2014, 960/214
  • US Executive Order 13662,
  • Canadian regulation SOR/2014-58/184/195 & 204,
  • Swiss Federal Council SR 946.231.176.72 

Key features and benefits

Information on the eligibility of derivatives and structured products.

Additional data fields are provided for comparison with existing data.

Provides daily lists for direct issuance, options structured products and structured issuers.

Data is easy to process through excel or CSV file.

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