SIX Indices

SIX Financial Information offers calculation of all types of indices. Knowledge, experience and extensive databases enable SIX Financial Information to adapt indices exactly to customer requirements. We can cater to all types of requests regarding the index configuration.

The indices calculated by SIX Financial Information are comprised of:

Portfolio indices are available on both the Nordic and local level and consist of the most actively traded stocks in each market. A limited number of constituents guarantees that all the underlying shares of the index have excellent liquidity, which results in an index that is highly suitable as underlying for derivatives products. The composition of the indices are revised on a semi-annual basis.

Benchmark indices are available on the Nordic and local level. The indices consist of a portfolio of the largest and most traded shares, in each market. The indices serve as an indicator of the overall trend in its market and are intended to offer a cost effective index that an investor can fully replicate. The compositions of the indices are revised on a semi-annual basis to ensure that it offers high investability and low transaction costs.

All Share indices (Marketplace indices) include all the shares listed in each market. The indices are available on both the Nordic and local level and reflect the current status and changes in each market.

Sector indices is a classification created to meet investors' demand for a precise and exhaustive classification. All shares on the OMX Stockholm Exchange are classified according to the SIX Financial Information classification. The SIX Financial Information sector classification is divided into two different levels, comprising sectors and industries. The indices cover all shares listed on the OMX Stockholm Exchange and are calculated up to industry level two.

Please contact SIX Financial Information's local sales team for more information about our SIX Indices.

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