ImpaQt for Wealth Managers

portfolio risk management for wealth managers

ImpaQt for wealth managers

Manage portfolio risks. Grow your clients' wealth. Achieve compliance.

Ensure reliable, high-quality risk results with substantiated data and risk models
Provide sound advice with continuous portfolio monitoring and on-the-spot suitability checks
Gain a competitive advantage through personalized advice
Comply with MiFID I/II and FIDLEG regulations

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Advise on suitable investments with data you trust

Comprised of a single source of correct and complete data from SIX Financial Information and expert quantitative risk methods from swissQuant Group, ImpaQt is complete with an interactive interface that enables you to leverage investment suitability, portfolio monitoring, and risk management as your advantage.


Attain a full overview of client portfolios

Make swift comparisons on current portfolio risks, taking into consideration clients’ risks appetite and tolerance.

Perform on-the-spot pre-trade suitability checks on instrument and portfolio levels.

Visualize historical investment strategies, stress scenarios, recovery periods and risk/return characteristics of investment scenarios.

Fulfil regulatory requirements

Be fully equipped with enriched market, historic and reference data and sophisticated models for achieving compliance with regulations such as MiFID I/II and FIDLEG.

Ensure your advice is objective, transparent, and easy for clients to understand with easy-to-produce, legally-compliant product factsheets including PIBs, PRIIPs and KIIDs.


Guaranteed speed and client protection

Keep your client data secure with all relevant sensitivity, correlation and instrument risk data transmitted one-way to your institution, eliminating the need for client data to leave your premisis.

Calculate client portfolios in less than a second with the vast majority of computations having already been pre-calculated on SIX servers.


Save time and costs with a single solution

Benefit from the inclusion of correct and complete data, saving you from any data sourcing, licensing and management efforts.


Consolidate and centralize your advisory and investment management systems, reducing your efforts and costs.

Complete, on-demand and compliant

ImpaQt alleviates you from the complexities of data management and compliance.


The use of ImpaQt enables you to:

Perform On-the-spot portfolio risk computations 

Achieve Instant calculation results due to the vast majority of computations taking place on SIX servers

Visualize the drivers behind the exposure of portfolios

View product risk classifications for every instrument

Collate intelligent data for instant reporting and portfolio visualization




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