D+H Switzerland GmbH

An experienced partner specialized in the development and operation of interbank applications.

Since its founding in 1984, D+H (formerly BBP) has acquired an excellent reputation as a dependable partner for banks and financial companies. Over 300 discerning clients from around the world have put their trust in D+H.

Since 1995, D+H has also been operating the applications in its own ServiceBureau, which fulfills even the highest requirements in terms of stability, availability and security. Two thirds of D+H's clients have outsourced operation of the interbank applications to the ServiceBureau.

D+H - the world's largest SWIFT service bureau, has received SWIFT's highest certification level - the Premier Operational Practice certification.


D+H Switzerland GmbH
Bäderstrasse 29
5401 Baden
T +41 (0)56 203 96 30
F +41 (0)56 203 96 96