Regulatory Hub

A single source for standardized, bi-directional regulatory information exchange

With new regulations requiring manufacturers to exchange more data with their distributors, the industry is faced with a new infrastructure burden. But what if this could become a new business opportunity? This is exactly what our Regulatory Hub presents.


One connection

A simple, hassle-free solution for distributing data and documents with your entire retail network.


Our automatic system lets you scale up your distribution so you can handle high volumes efficiently and easily.

Complete Control

Add entitlements to ensure the right people receive the right documents, and keep your product governance compliant.

How to distribute with SIX?

To make onboarding as easy as possible, we offer a flexible approach to data mapping – all you need to do is choose which industry format and delivery method is most convenient for you.

Access our technical description, API and test your connection.


New challenges for investor protection

Under MiIFID II, PRIIPs and similar regulations like UCITS and FIDLEG, firms will be required to profile investors, ensure they only offer them suitable products during the advisory process, produce and hand out regulatory documents and report transparently on transactions.

Lack of standards

MiFID II and PRIIP define new roles and responsibilities for product manufacturers and buy-side firms. This means that firms need to consider how to manage bilateral information flows between the buy- and sell-side for the first time.

Without a common understanding of how to do this, the sell-side will be faced with significant costs in order to create and maintain multiple connections to their distribution network, while the buy-side faces the burden of having to integrate data feeds from all the manufacturers featured on their product shelf.

Firms must also be able to meet reporting obligations, requiring access to data and information from across the trade lifecycle in both directions.

Manual intervention

To avoid resource-intensive manual intervention to reconcile data from multiple sources, firms need to establish an automated and standardized approach to exchanging data and information.

Significant overlap in the regulations means that establishing common standards will be critical to efficient, cost-effective compliance, by facilitating automation and speeding up the flow of information and data.

Regulatory Hub - More than just data

Our Regulatory Hub connects the buy-side and sell-side with each other so product related data and documents can be exchanged in a standardized way. 

Built to accommodate multiple regulations, the service is capable of handling data, metadata and data mapping, as well as documents.

The Regulatory Hub service provides use-case driven content packages and services for investor protection compliance, including document generation and distribution for manufacturers, document retrieval for retail advisors, and target market assessment and reporting for the buy-side. 

Benefits of our Regulatory Hub


For the sell-side


Faster flow of information

Faster flow of information and a reduction in duplicate workflows thanks to multiple views of data. For example, manufacturers can submit data in “PRIIP view” which covers 80% of the data required for MIFID II investor protection.

Standardized distribution

A standardized format in which to provide data through SIX, so they can disseminate data about target market criteria as well as KIDs in a way that is easy to process for their distribution network.


For the buy-side


Clear overviews

Gain clear overviews of sellable products specific to client profiles along with access to pre-sales.

Instant availability

Documents are directly available within banking and e-banking systems.

Bi-directional exchange

Convenient sales reporting back to manufacturers using a single interface.

Standardized data for meeting regulatory requirements

We are collaborating closely with the industry to establish a scalable, common platform for data and information exchange that meets regulatory requirements. 

This will allow manufacturers to distribute relevant data for products, as well as cover “Target Market” and other MIFID II data components in a way that will be clear and understandable for buy-side firms.

We invite you to download these data attributes with annotations, as well as real-life business use cases based on real prospectus and term sheets.

Investor Protection

Our regulatory data and services support you with client profiling, product suitability assessments and fulfilling regulatory reporting requirements.