Update: our Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service has been updated in relation to Executive Order 13662 under the OFAC Directives against Ukraine/Russia, which limits the maximum allowed lifetime of newly issued debt securities as of 28 November 2017. Since the European Union has not adopted the same position, a single security could have a different sanctioned status under the US and EU regimes. Our service will take these changed parameters into consideration as of this date, by identifying which regime the security is sanctioned under.


Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service

Identifying sanctioned domiciles, entities and persons



Your firm’s ‘do not trade, hold or service’ list is valid and current, thanks to the all-encompassing SIX service


Automatically identify controlling ownership, circular ownership and sanctioning regime


Flexible data delivery that integrates easily into any security master database and trading systems.


Ease the burden for your advisory and compliance team with narrative content about each sanctioned security

Free Sanctions Screening

Arrange a free check on your portfolio using our award winning service


To ensure the integrity of your data is preserved, the Free Sanctions Test Application does not store or communicate any information back to SIX. Securities uploaded into the application will remain within your bank under your full oversight.

Avoid significant fines

Identifying securities linked to individuals, companies and beneficial owners so they can be added to your ‘do-not-trade, hold or service’ list every day is tedious and complex but of critical importance to avoid potentially staggering fines.

With the introduction of sectorial sanctions and the “50 percent rule” imposed by EU Member States and the U.S., navigating the maze of sanctioned securities is increasingly blurred. Effective sanctions compliance depends entirely on accurate identification of tainted entities and their issued securities.

Our Sanctions Radar

One of the most comprehensive coverage checks on the market. Our service monitors:




Supporting you with sanctioned securities monitoring compliance

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Meet the challenge of observing global sanctions

We help compliance professionals meet the challenge of observing the many global economic sanctions not only by simplifying the process of identifying securities but by keeping you up-to-date as the political and regulatory situation evolve.

The service provides a scrubbed daily list of securities related to an affected issuer or controlling person, identifying the regime(s) under which each is sanctioned, drawing from various international regimes, such as the EU, HK, UN, UK and US. As part of the service, we add a descriptive statement to each black-listed/flagged security detailing how it is linked to a sanctioned person or company. This alleviates the need for additional research by client advisors and gives you a clear at-a-glance overview.

By providing a comprehensive view of persons, related entities and their issued securities for pre- and post-trade screening, the SIX service allows clients to remain confident to transact and service in a regulatory environment that changes rapidly. Firms benefit by saving time and money on complex data sourcing, scrubbing and mapping, all the while minimizing the significant risk of reputational damage and large fines. This specialist single-source service allows our customers to reduce costly and resource-intensive data processing by subscribing to a straightforward list of affected securities and issuers. 

Let us take care of the heavy data lifting & analysis

Service Packages



All-encompassing pre- and post-trade screening
csv, xml
Controlling ownership
Global & Sectorial sanctioned Securities
Risk factor of implicity sanctioned securities
Switzerland, United-Nations, Europe, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Regimes
Narrative Statement
Add-ons: Canada, Hong-Kong, United-Kingdom, Australia, Russian Sanctions, Prohibitive War Material Restrictions
Russian Sanctions
csv or xml
Affected issuers and their master data
All directly and potentially affected issued insturments from sanctioned companies
Options and underlying instruments of sanctions firms that were issued after various sanctions effective dates
Structured products and their underlying instruments of sanctioned companies that were issued after various sanctions effective dates

Prohibitive War Material Restrictions
Cluster Munitions
Anti-personal mines





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Know the controlling ownership of securities - even when complex structures or cross-border holdings aren't fully transparent



Narrative statement on explicit and implicit sanctioned securities, so you can take immediate action



Eliminate complex data sourcing, scrubbing, mapping and cross-referencing



Full load or delta files to support efficient security master updates


Extensive coverage of global and sectorial sanctions lists


SIX proprietary risk factor of potentially sanctioned securities