Lookup & Search

The information I am searching for is not displayed in the iD lookup results. How can I find this information?

Why are stocks not showing at the top of my search results, even when I search by trading symbol?

How can I search for only active, or inactive securities?

How can I lookup on a specific market?

How can I bring SMI constituents directly into a new or empty list?

Content Management

How can I enlarge individual windows?

How can I minimize SIX iD and restore it with my active workspace?

How can I move all of my iD windows at once?

Is it possible to make changes to a pre-defined workspace then save it as a personal workspace?

All of my content disappears when I create an empty Workspace. What should I do ?

I don’t see any content when I start SIX iD. What should I do?

Functions and Settings

I’m not sure about the new dark look, can I change back to white?

How can I enlarge the font size?

Will existing Excel shortcuts still work?

What is the iD Home?


I’m having problems starting the new SIX iD Java version 9.0. What can I do?

What are the minimum Java requirements for the new SIX iD?

Is the FinXL add-on fully compatible with SIX iD?

When SIX iD is launched, a separate browser window is still displayed with iD Intelligent Display version information – can this window be closed?

SIX iD Mobile

How can I access SIX iD Mobile?

Going from Telekurs iD to SIX iD

How do I upgrade to SIX iD?

How long can I continue to use Telekurs iD 8?

Do I have to change my PC / Notebook configuration to run SIX iD?

Will current saved lists, pre-defined user lists, functions, portfolios and user styles migrate over to the new version?

What happens to the ‘screens’ that I have created and use in Telekurs iD?

Will I receive all of the same data as I do currently?

Will the update be available from tkflink.com?