SIX FinanciaI Information enhances the DisclosureNetTM global data coverage

Zurich, Switzerland – SIX Financial Information and DisclosureNet, the public disclosure research solution provider, today announced their strategic cooperation. The first stage will support the growth of DisclosureNet’s searchable content with international company-level reference data from SIX. Later stages will focus on the addition of instrument data and corporate actions.

DisclosureNet provides law firms, accounting firms, investment firms and all manner of public companies with an unmatched wealth of searchable information for corporate intelligence, financial reporting, disclosure and compliance and corporate disclosure research. The service gives researchers, analysts and compliance professionals searchable access to more than 20 million disclosure documents along with a suite of tools to effectively mine data, even from documents stored as images.

In response to customer demand, the company has expanded its coverage to include Canada, the US, UK and Australia. While seeking third-party content to accelerate this expansion, DisclosureNet discovered that SIX Financial Information had the right combination of depth and breadth of content that it needed, along with a global footprint that was an attractive partnership benefit as DisclosureNet grows.

“To meet our expanding global content needs, we chose to source data from SIX Financial Information because it met our non-negotiable standards for quality and scope”, said Stephane Jasmin, President and CEO of DisclosureNet. “The fact that SIX Financial Information’s data is completely structured is an added bonus because it facilitates our unique approach to ensuring searchability.”

Barry Raskin, Managing Director of SIX Financial Information USA, said, “We are pleased to be able to support DisclosureNet in this exciting period of the company’s growth, and we look forward to working even more closely with the team as they add even greater breadth and depth of data.” He continued, “Because DisclosureNet is using data from our Valordata Feed (VDF), instrument-level data and corporate actions can easily be added down the road, as all the data is structured and presented in a consistent format that makes integrating additional data sets very straightforward.”

A propos de SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information occupe une place prédominante, au niveau mondial, dans la fourniture de services de données et de solutions à destination des organismes financiers et d'assurance, des entreprises et des médias. Intégrée en temps réel à partir de plus de 1 500 sources de par le monde, l'information financière de SIX est composée de données de référence, de données de marché, d'Opérations Sur Titres et de prix sur plus de 16 millions d'instruments et est unique en termes de profondeur, de couverture et de structure. Avec des bureaux implantés dans 23 pays, SIX combine les avantages d’une présence locale à une dimension internationale, offrant ainsi des services de données pertinents aux professionnels de la gestion de référentiels titres, de la gestion des risques et de la conformité, du conseil en investissements, et de la gestion de portefeuilles. 

Financial Information est l'un des quatre domaines d'activité de SIX qui offre au niveau international des services de qualité dans les domaines du négoce et du règlement de titres, des transactions de paiement et de l'information financière.


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