SIX Financial Information to Become Main Data Provider for Patria Direct

Zurich, Switzerland - SIX Financial Information has acquired a new client, Patria Direct, which operates one of the biggest online financial portals in the Czech Republic. In doing so, SIX replaces another leading provider.

SIX Financial Information's Market Data Feed (MDF) provides mid- to high-volumes of market rates and prices. MDF can be customised by its users and offers pricing data, derived and calculated data, intraday prices, historical data series and business news.

Comprehensive, high-quality data in real time is crucially important to Patria Direct, a wholly owned subsidiary of Patria Finance. As a licensed broker since 1996, Patria is authorised to trade in domestic and foreign securities and is a shareholder in the Prague Stock Exchange. For some years now Patria Direct has been operating the Patria Online finance portal, one of the leading platforms for investors in the Czech Republic.

With the acquisition of Patria Direct as a client, SIX has taken a major step towards opening up new markets in Central and Eastern Europe. During the project to replace the current data feed in the Patria Online finance portal, all of the client's requirements were successfully implemented. Patria Direct chose SIX for its rapid implementation process, high-quality market data offering and global coverage of financial instruments.

"In the course of the last 15 years Patria Online has worked hard to achieve a leading position in the Czech financial and investment markets. We are therefore delighted to have found in SIX Financial Information a partner that we can rely on to deliver accurate, high-quality data. The financial data from SIX enable us to continue developing our portal and constantly improving our services", says Patria Online CEO Radim Krejčí.

Andreas Steiner, Head of SIX Financial Information in Austria explains: "Patria Direct demands the highest standards of itself and its partners. We are therefore proud that Patria Direct has chosen SIX Financial Information as its primary data provider. Both organisations will benefit from working together, and this project provides the basis for a successful partnership in the future."

A propos de SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information occupe une place prédominante, au niveau mondial, dans la fourniture de services de données et de solutions à destination des organismes financiers et d'assurance, des entreprises et des médias. Intégrée en temps réel à partir de plus de 1 500 sources de par le monde, l'information financière de SIX est composée de données de référence, de données de marché, d'Opérations Sur Titres et de prix sur plus de 16 millions d'instruments et est unique en termes de profondeur, de couverture et de structure. Avec des bureaux implantés dans 23 pays, SIX combine les avantages d’une présence locale à une dimension internationale, offrant ainsi des services de données pertinents aux professionnels de la gestion de référentiels titres, de la gestion des risques et de la conformité, du conseil en investissements, et de la gestion de portefeuilles. 

Financial Information est l'un des quatre domaines d'activité de SIX qui offre au niveau international des services de qualité dans les domaines du négoce et du règlement de titres, des transactions de paiement et de l'information financière.


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