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Valordata Feed (VDF)

Valordata Feed (VDF) è un flusso di dati finanziari interamente strutturato e codificato che offre informazioni sui titoli in tempo pressoché reale. Basato su una potente banca dati modulare, VDF fornisce dati anagrafici, informazioni sui prezzi e su corporate action premiate in formati standard, per un perfetto straightthrough processing.

Expert Q&A: FATCA, Inglese

with Jacob Gertel, Senior Project Manager - Legal & Compliance Data

Solvency II Fact Sheet, Inglese

Complete data for effective risk management and reporting

apiD - Costruite il vostro successo

apiD coniuga alla perfezione l’efficienza della vasta banca dati finanziaria in tempo reale di SIX Financial Information con la flessibilità di un’applicazione personalizzata

Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild and IPS: Timed to global exchange closures, Inglese

Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild is capitalizing on the flexibility and timeliness of SIX Financial Information’s Intraday Pricing Service (IPS). With this fast, efficient and flexible service, the client chooses to time its pricing snapshots to specific exchange closures across global time zones.

Corporate Actions Reports Service (CARS) - Thinking ahead of the game, Inglese

SIX Financial Information's Corporate Action and Reports Service (CARS) is part of our Reference Data & Pricing offering

Display Solutions - Online trading platform for, Inglese

Alongside clearly presented stock exchange information, the solutions offered by online trading specialist also include a direct trading interface. In addition to various market overviews, users have virtual portfolios and watchlists at their disposal, which can be edited directly using the mobile solution or via the website.

Display Solutions - Personalised stock exchange information site – thanks to white labeling, Inglese

Our white-label website has all the modules a modern stock exchange information site needs. What is more, they can be freely selected and combined. Various pages of the website can be tailored to suit the user’s preferences, making this solution highly flexible and customer friendly. Financial institutions can easily adapt the design in line with their corporate identity, so that specific modules can be readily incorporated into existing websites.

Display Solutions - Used for the financial platform, Inglese

The Shark2 solution used for media company Ringier’s financial information platform, "cash", offers a wide range of financial data. "cash" combines the possibilities offered by the stock exchange information CMS (Shark2) with news from its own reporters. This ideal mix makes "cash" the benchmark for Swiss financial information portals.

Example Asset Test Section (from the point of bilateral agreement CH/EU), Inglese

Bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the EU - Direct and indirect investments in impacted assets as defined by the ESD: examples

Example Asset Test Section (from the point of view of Directive), Inglese

EU-Directive on taxation of savings income – legislation of the EU member state direct and indirect investments in impacted assets as defined by the ESD: examples

Fact Sheet: Il servizio PIB di SIX Financial Information

Il servizio PIB ("Produktinforma­tionsblatt", documento illustrativo del prodotto) offre informazioni chiare sui prodotti finanziari nella piena osservanza dei requisiti di legge.

Fact Sheet: PEP-Check, Inglese

Compliance & Risk Solutions - Automatic check on money laundering and risks

Factsheet: Investor Protection for MiFID II, Inglese

Rely on SIX to meet product governance obligations, efficiently match investment products with investor risk appetite and keep your client advisory processes compliant.

Factsheet: MiFID II – Transparency, transaction and reference data reporting, Inglese

Rely on SIX for efficient compliance with pre- and post-trade transparency, transaction and reference data reporting requirements.

Factsheet: SIX Regulatory Document Hub

Aiuta il tuo consulente di vendita a risparmiare tempo con una piattaforma di distribuzione che offre in una singola interfaccia la ricerca e il download di documenti normativi «up-to-date» per tutto il ciclo di vita del prodotto, così come 10 anni di archiviazione e reporting per una traccia di revisione completa.

Form for provision of compiled asset test data, Inglese

If you wish to deliver compiled asset test data for a large number of funds, please fill in the following form and send it to Form for provision of compiled asset test data

Form for provision of TIS and NAV data, Inglese

If you are a new data provider to SIX Financial Information and wish to deliver TIS (taxable income per share) and NAV data, please send the form below to

FundsFast - Data Management Solutions, Inglese

As part of the growing suite of Data Management Solutions, SIX Financial Information offer you our FundsFast service: an award-winning, robust, speedy and customised solution within the Intraday Pricing Service for the provision of fund price data. The module is suitable for administrators or managers valuing fund of funds or for those requiring fund prices as early in the day as possible. This service has also now been extended to suit the needs of financial institutions seeking a managed service for hedge fund pricing.

Intraday Pricing Service - Snapshot a orari scelti da voi

Il servizio Intraday Pricing coniuga il vantaggio di una banca dati sui titoli di livello mondiale con un sistema di fornitura flessibile per l’asset servicing e la valutazione del portafoglio. IPS offre snapshot precisi sui prezzi, sia intraday, in delay che di chiusura, in un unico formato coerente, agli orari prestabiliti dai clienti.

L'offerta dei prodotti SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information vanta oltre ottant’anni di esperienza nell’acquisizione, l’elaborazione e la distribuzione di informazioni finanziarie internazionali. La vasta banca dati di SIX Financial Information è il pilastro su cui si fonda il versatile portafoglio di prodotti che include servizi per la fornitura di informazioni anagrafiche e prezzi, di dati di mercato, prodotti display e un una vasta gamma di soluzioni mirate.

Market Data Feed

Market Data Feed (MDF) è un servizio estremamente performante che fornisce informazioni di mercato in tempo reale lasciando al cliente la possibilità di personalizzar la selezione dei dati. Questa soluzione competitiva è una fonte essenziale di informazioni finanziarie per le istituzioni buy-side e sell-side, quali investitori, asset manager e middle, nonché back office delle banche.

Operation & Hosting - Services from SIX Financial Information, Inglese

Upon request, we can provide an end-to-end service spanning the evaluation, installation, and configuration of all components right through to daily operation. To cater to each of our customers’ specific needs, we offer a variety of service level agreements.

Real-time Calculation Solutions: Index calculation for Russell Investments, Inglese

SIX Financial Information has been calculating indexes for Russell Investments for several years. Russell Investments is one of the world’s leading financial services providers and publishes numerous share indexes, including the Russell 2000 Index for small caps.

Real-time Calculation Solutions: Indicative NAV calculation for UBS ETFs, Inglese

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become an important part of the investment landscape and are increasingly popular among investors. The indicative net asset value (NAV) is the market value of an ETF, based on the securities within the fund, and is calculated several times each minute. The indicative ensures transparency and aids comparison for all parties involved.

Real-time reliability with MDFselect - Bloomberg B-PIPE data feed redundancy, Inglese

To solve for a possible outage and provide efficiencies, users of Bloomberg’s market data platform have the option of deploying SIX Financial Information’s market data feed for resiliency and business continuity.

Reference Data Based Solutions - Reference data management, golden copy and personalisation, Inglese

The combination of reference data know-how, a proven data management product and individualised software solutions, enables the provision of services at the highest content and technical level.

SIX Financial Information and Morningstar - Full transparency of fund holdings, Inglese

SIX Financial Information’s partnership with Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment analysis, offers you fund composition information to better identify investment risks.

SIX Financial Information’s Reference Data Offering - Delivering the information you need (A4), Inglese

SIX Financial Information provides you with one of the world’s most comprehensive securities database. Its sophisticated data structure seam­lessly links all data elements associated with a security – from terms and conditions to prices, from institutions to markets, from corporate actions to global security identifiers.

SIX Financial Information’s Reference Data Offering - Delivering the information you need (Letter), Inglese

SIX Financial Information provides you with one of the world’s most comprehensive securities database. Its sophisticated data structure seam­lessly links all data elements associated with a security – from terms and conditions to prices, from institutions to markets, from corporate actions to global security identifiers.

Solutions - Expertly addressing your software needs, Inglese

2 SIX Financial Information Solutions combines the perfect interplay of data, processes and software to develop customized solutions and services tailored to your business needs.

Thurgauer Kantonalbank and apiD: Reference and market data interface for risk management, Inglese

SIX Financial Information integrated the apiD interface into the Avaloq banking system to give Thurgauer Kantonalbank seamless access to its reference and market data. The expanded interface offers the client a highly modular market data solution in Avaloq with automatic feeds and flexible management of market and securities data. As a result, the bank is able to better handle risk management requirements.

Time Series Daily - Historical prices at your fingertips, Inglese

Time Series Daily from SIX Financial Information offers an automated delivery platform for large volumes of end of day historical prices that cover a quarter century.

Tquote - La soluzione innovativa per i promotori finanziari

Il servizio di Tquote di SIX Financial Information consente di accedere con facilità alle quotazioni più aggiornate e all’analisi finanziaria di milioni di strumenti di tutte le principali piazze borsistiche mondiali.

VDF Flash at Schwyzer Kantonalbank: Open master data in a matter of seconds, Inglese

SIX Financial Information has implemented its VDF Flash service at Schwyzer Kantonalbank, enabling master data to be opened directly in the Finnova core bank system in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the consistency and quality of the data provided, the solution has streamlined workflows at the bank from the front to the back office.

Workshop: Valordata Feed, Inglese

The two-day VDF workshop is designed to help clients implementing VDF understand the philosophy behind the feed, how it is structured, generated and ultimately delivered to your back office.

Case Study

Case Study: PIB service for HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt, Inglese

The PIB service benefits the client by covering a large amount of data for its advisory universe, while also fully complying with current statutory requirements.