Joss Technology

We offer the only comprehensive and expert solution for entity data management.

Joss Technology is an innovative solutions provider dedicated to the Financial Services industry. Our area of expertise is entity data management. Our platform was created in response to the increased focus on regulatory compliance, risk management, and operational efficiency.

Financial firms need to have a complete and accurate picture of all the entities they interact with and are exposed to. Entities can be brokers, clients, counterparties, custodians, issuers... However, institutions struggle to build that 360-degree view due to internal data silos, duplicate records, data inaccuracies, and so on. We resolve that challenge by providing a comprehensive and specialized suite of tools and workflows. Our state-of-the art technology and intuitive interface provide powerful yet easy-to-use data quality and data governance capabilities. We enable data aggregation, cleansing and matching (using our proprietary fuzzy matching technology) and creation of Master Records. We also provide a centralized repository and data maintenance capabilities throughout the lifecycle of an entity.
Our approach is to offer non-intrusive solutions. Our ability to deploy our technology quickly and at a lower cost makes it appealing for firms looking for cost-containment and projects acceleration.


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